7 tips to remember when auditioning for a role

Want to get cast and send out professional auditioning materials? Let us help you! Agency Icon’s casting director and CEO Terje Kissa shared 7 useful tips to remember when auditioning for a role.

1. Prefer using natural light

When taking photos or videos of yourself make sure to check the lighting and prefer natural light. Don’t place yourself between the sun and the camera. If you need to use additional lights make sure to place it slightly at an angle. Try to avoid lights that are too yellow.

2. Use the landscape mode

Casting directors check your videos not from phones but from computers, so make sure your videos are filmed using landscape mode. Landscape mode means that you should put your phone on the side while filming.

3. Embrace your natural look

When auditioning for a role prefer a more natural look. This means that don’t use heavy make-up as this prevents the casting directors from seeing the real natural you. Embrace your beauty!

4. Say no to sunglasses

Unless told otherwise, then don’t send photos or videos where you are wearing sunglasses. Casting directors want to see the shape and color of eyes and any additional features that sunglasses might just hide.

5. Don’t forget the background

When taking photos or videos of yourself then make sure the background of it is neutral. Use a white wall if possible. Make sure there aren’t any piled up clothes or additional people in the background who mights steal the spotlight from you.

6. Show your face

When applying for a very specific role, then remember to show your face! Even if you apply for a tennis player role and you have a really cool picture of yourself playing, then don’t forget to add a portrait of your face too to the application. Casting directors always want to see your face.

7. Talk clearly

If you need to send a video introduction of yourself, then use the good energy we know you have in you, talk with a clear voice and pronounce words clearly. This way the casting directors can understand your vocal capabilities better.

Good luck on your next auditioning for a role! If you are interested in starting your career as a talent then it’s super easy! Just apply here and you are added to Agency Icon’s talent database. Make sure to keep an eye on ongoing casting calls on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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