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Happy to announce that we are now listed as a mother agency on is a leading interactive fashion database. It connects models, magazines, luxury and fashion brands. Here is a big shout out to IMG Paris, Success Models and Special Management for recommending our agency to Thank you!

What is a mother agency?

Are mother agencies very different from regular agencies? What do they do? Mother agency is the first agency you begin working with when you start your modeling career. We train models, help to understand the industry, develop the portfolio and prepare models for the future modeling trips abroad. This is all done to get models signed by a bigger agency in the main fashion markets like Paris, Milan, New York. 

A mother agency can really find the best fit for their models. Why? Because of good connections around the world. Also, we have excellent knowledge of what model is suitable for what market. Also, mother agencies book models for paid jobs. Usually they work with clients around their region.

Every model, even the top ones, have their ups and downs in their career. This is where mother agencies lend a helping hand. We help to figure out how to get the model to take the next steps and overcome difficulties. Modeling agencies in the main fashion markets, with hundreds of models on board, just might not have the capacity to think about that. They tend to work on bookings on the models who are already rocking it at this point.

How does a mother agency develop a model?

For example, at Agency Icon we organize test photoshoots for our models and do catwalk training. We also talk about different markets with its needs when it comes to posing or work ethics. We help to understand the contracts models need to read and sign eventually with foreign agencies. Also we educate on skincare and styling. We teach about castings and talk about mindfulness which is needed to go strong in this difficult industry with many rejections (no matter how good model you are) and other important industry related topics. 

Agency Icon new faces
Test photoshoots for models Mona Liisa, Paula, Kärttu, Silette (Scouted division)

Agency Icon holds hands when needed and answers calls even in the middle of the night. We make sure our models are treated right and fairly while traveling abroad. Sometimes it happens quickly, but sometimes we invest years in our models before they are signed with a bigger agency in the fashion Meccas

Important note about mother agencies

Trustworthy mother agencies don’t charge monthly based or any other fee. They will earn percentage of model’s income. So, it is a risk the mother agency takes by confirming a model and starting to develop her/him. Agencies do it in hope that one day the investment in the model will be worth it.

A mother agency is like a calendar

Mother agency is like a calendar. What does it mean? It means that they will have full overview of when and where will the model be placed, when does he/she has a confirmed job. 

A sample of how a mother agency knows who goes where
model calendar
Examples of mother agency calendars

For example, Agency Icon is a mother agency to a model named Ann. Agency Icon teaches Ann about the industry, gives catwalk lessons, does a test shoot and good digitals. What happens next?

Together with Ann the mother agency decides when and where Ann should go on stay. For example, she would go first to Milan for 3 weeks, after that to Paris for 3 weeks. In Summer she would do modeling jobs in Tokyo – she would be on stay in Tokyo for 2 months. Mother agency will stay as the first contact for the model for bigger questions and worries. The local foreign modeling agency (where the model is on stay) is in charge of managing model’s daily schedule and helping to solve simple everyday things. For example, questions regarding model’s department, daily casting schedules, how to get around in town etc will be for the foreign agency to solve and answer.

Like said, a mother agency is the place where all info about the model comes together. And like the title hints, we care and take care of the models as a mother would. All the good ones do.

Our models on

We’re proud to have Adele Taska, Janika Teldre, Birgit Veegen and Robi Varul listed on Make sure to keep an eye on them!

Agency Icon's models Adele Taska, Janika Teldre, Birgit Veegen, Robi Varul are listed on

How does a model get listed on

Models get invited by based on highlights of their career and influence on the fashion industry. If you want to start your career as a model then let us know about you by filling in the application.

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