How to become a model?

So you want to be a model? Wonderful!! It is a glamorous career that will fill your life with excitement and adventures! But how can you start your career as a model? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let us tell you everything you need to know to get your modeling career started!

What is the height of models?

Height is one of the most important guiding principles for models, and one of the first and easiest things fashion professionals will notice about a model. In Europe, female models are expected to be 176 cm at minimum and for male models, 184 cm at minimum. However, height isn’t a cut off line, exceptions are made often – Top models such as Kate Moss and Kris Grikaite are both less than 174 cm. The height expectation is even less so in Asia. For girls, a minimum height of 170 cm is expected and 181 cm for male models.

If you are a little shorter, no fret. Girls usually don’t stop growing until the age of 16 and for boys, 19. If you are already breathing the fresher air up above your friends and classmates, it’s likely you will grow a few more centimeters in the coming years! Genetics play a major part, if your parents are tall you can rest easy knowing you will probably also grow up to be tall.

What are model measurements?

Your body shape is another very important matrix for models, in the industry, we call this the measurements. For girls, a standard followed by most in the industry is: 80-83 cm (chest), 60 cm (waist) and 90 cm (hip).

We know that sounds daunting, but for a model, and for a person with a dedicated spirit it is not difficult! After all, it is imperative for a professional model to have a good idea how to stay fit and take care of themselves.

The best thing you can do is cultivate a healthy lifestyle with careful nutrition intake and support it by frequent exercises.

The exercise won’t be too hard! The key is to find something you love, it could be yoga, jogging, a pleasant stroll in the scenic wild, or evening dancing! Having an active lifestyle will help you stay in shape and in good health stress free! Live your active life not just keep it at the gym – leave the elevators for your lazy friends, real models take the stairs! When you are on your way to the head office of FENDI for casting, take the elevator then!

It is easy to get intimidated when you hear the term “Model Diet”, so often people think it just means skipping meals and starving yourself. We will stop you right here and tell you an unhealthy model is good for no one. Of course you can eat, but you must be smart and mindful about what you eat, it won’t be very long before it becomes a habit.

You might’ve seen some “slim-fast” diets online, I must tell you that these diets are a NO-GO at our agency. Keeping your mind healthy and beautiful is just as important to us as keeping your body healthy and beautiful, it is impossible to keep everything in check when you are nutrition deficient. Plus, in most cases, the weight you lost with a diet like this will be gained back very quickly when you stop.

Burgers, fries, cakes and fizzy drinks are only on the menu for cheat days, and cheat days certainly can’t be 7 days a week. But once these habits set in, you will notice your mind become clearer, your body feeling more energetic, and your future self will thank you for taking such good care of your body! It’s not about the moment, it’s growing these habits that are the true secret to a model’s success!

After all, being a model is an art, not science. No measurements can tell you that you are not already drop dead gorgeous. The standards of beauty for the fashion industry is always changing, as long as you have a proportional body and good confidence, there’s always an argument to be made!

What does “natural look” mean?

two natural looking models

The version of you we want to see is “Au Naturel” but what does that mean? Can I put on some concealers? A little lip gloss? What about eyebrows? Oh no I’ve dyed my hair! No worries, we are here to answer these questions for you.

Modern world expects so much from us girls. Sometimes it feels a bit scary to appear in public without makeup, to just be you. That’s exactly what we want to see. As a model, you will be the leader of fashion and putting down a definition of beauty as you see fit, we want to support you in this pursuit!

Remember, the world never lacks for beautiful things, it lacks eyes that could see them. And we are professionals at discovering beauties! Without your natural look, we can really appreciate the beauty that is unique to you and find all the features and characteristics that make you stand out above the crowd!

Before meeting with an agent, remember to moisturize your face thoroughly; if you feel any bumps it is okay to cover them up with sparing use of concealers; lips a bit chapped? Use moisturizing lipsticks; eye brows, don’t “adjust” them, comb over a little bit of clear eyebrow gel; a little bit of mascara if you feel like it then you are done!

How should models have their nails?

Keep them simple, we don’t want them to distract from your other features! Stay away from plastic nails. If you must use nail polish, stick with light color, neutral tones or a French manicure. The simple manicure will compliment your natural look!

And remember, your hands and fingers are delicate tools, and should not be neglected!

What hair should models have?

Who doesn’t like a little experiment? If you enjoy having funky hair, dying them and cutting them, you don’t need to worry too much about it ending your career as a model. Sometimes, a bold and unusual hairstyle is just what you need to help you stand out! We definitely don’t want to be taking away your strength, we want to work with you and evolve with you!

Two short-haired models

How Birgit Veegen became a model?

Birgit Veegen has been a model at Agency Icon for years. She became a model by accident. Check out her inspiring story about the journey she’s had, Gucci show and working with Prada here.

We hope with these words you can find confidence that the natural YOU is the embodiment of beauty and exactly what we here at Agency Icon are dying to see!

Now, look in the mirror, give yourself a little pep talk, and submit your application on our website

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