Full Casting Service

We quote based on the exact brief. Will find the talents according to the  script and description, check the availability, videocast them. We do love to streetcast when needed! We handle the communication between talents and production until the cast is confirmed and delivered to the client. We take care of the contracts. 

Database Casting

If you are on a tight budget and need casting quickly, we offer database casting. We give you options from Agency Icon database, check availabilities, do videocastings if needed, hand over information and sign contracts. We offer free of charge database casting if you need up to three characters with not more than five availability check calls. Streetcasting and videocastings would be done on demand with extra cost. 

Second AD Service

During the preparations of the production, 2nd AD is in contact with the stylist regarding measurements, organises talents to fittings, attends fitting, and gives  detailed information of the shooting day to the cast.  On a shooting day 2nd AD makes sure the day goes smoothly from the cast perspective and assists both, the director and 1st AD. 2nd AD can direct the background movement as well.